Pirate's Moon provides design and programming services for many types of multi-media projects. Our canvas is the screen, and our palette consists of several multimedia development programs and languages.

Mobile-First Development with Bootstrap
This Site
Liberty Mutual (internal network app)

MP4, H-264, SWF, Animated GIF
E3 2012 Advertising
E3 2013 Advertising
E3 2014 Advertising
E3 2015 Advertising
E3 2016 Advertising
E3 2017 Advertising

Our iOS Applications
KraZe Puzzle in the App Store (FREE)
USA Lens in the App Store (FREE)
MyArtTools in the App Store ($4.99)

We've developed with Director, Apple Media Toolkit, mTropolis, Flash, Visual Studio C++, Xcode, Dreamweaver and a plethora of image design programs and languages. Our current thrusts are various iOS development projects.

Current Development Areas
MyArtTools Site
Art Fusion Sketches
Dimensional Parser Chronicals

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